High quality BBs made in Taiwan

High quality BBs made in Taiwan


Exceptional performance on sniper rifles regarding range, consistency, and precision. Weight classes range from 0.20 g suiting your needs for lighter output builds all the way to a real heavyweight champion of 0.50 g.


Environmentally friendly, without a compromise on performance. You can find Mint Airsoft bio BBs in numerous weights starting from 0.20 g onwards. The heaviest Mint Airsoft bio BBs are 0.45 g, designed to meet your needs for heavier biodegradable BBs. We also offer 0.25 and 0.30 gram BBs as tracers with all the same quality and precision.


Mint Airsoft delivers in all weather conditions in every continent. Freezing cold or exhausting heat are only a fun new setting, not a deal breaker. Tested in Finnish freezing winter and wet, hot summer to give you a true all-around reliable ammunition for use in all conditions. Even and smooth surface ensure reliable feeding. Remember, smooth is fast and fast is good.